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Doctor G Movie Download 1080p FilmyMeet – Doctor G is a Bollywood film starring Ayushman Khurana and Rakul Preet Singh, directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and filmed in Hindi. It debuted in theatres on 14 October 2023 and is anticipated to debut on OTT platforms in December 2023. Ayushman Khurana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah, Sheeba Chadda, and Abhay Mishra star in the film. Telegram and other Torrent websites have released the 1080p, 720p, and 480p versions of Doctor G. This article explains why you should not download this movie from the internet.

Doctor G Movie Download
Doctor G Movie Download

Doctor G Movie Download Filmyzilla MP4Moviez

Doctor G is the first film directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and is a medical college comedy film of modern India in Hindi produced by junglee movies. Anubhuti Kashyap helms the film, which is produced by junglee Pictures and directed by Anubhuti Kashyap. Co-produced by Amrita Pandey, it is produced by Vineet Jain. The authors of the narrative are Saurabh Bharat and Vishal Wagh. Sumit Saxena, Saurabh Bharat, and Vishal Wagh, along with Anubhuti Kashyap, wrote the screenplay. Sumit Saxena has authored the dialogues.

The music is provided by Amit Trivedi and Zee music. This is a comedy-drama stage production about the comical trials of Dr. G, a doctor named Uday Gupta, set on a medical institution. He desires to specialize in orthopedics but is locked in an all-female gynecological class. Will he be successful in transforming the department, or will the department itself transform him? This is something the spectator must discover by seeing the film. The Doctor G film FilmyHit has been released online on Torrent and other illegal and pirated websites.

Doctor G Movie Download Ofilmywap Highlights

MovieDoctor G
ArtistsAyushmann Khurrana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah
DirectorAnubhuti Kashyap
Movie TypeFamily, Comedy, Drama
Channel PartnerSony Max
Music PartnerZee Music
Running Time124 Minutes
Release Date14 October 2022
Budget₹35 crore
Box officeest. ₹39.02 crore

Doctor G Movie Trailer

In a 2 minute and 56 second official trailer released on YouTube by Junglee Pictures on September 20, which has been seen 28,478,376 times, the film’s wittiness is evident. We observe the disorder, patient tantrums, and other society attitudes through the eyes of a physician and medical staff. In addition, the film is not only humorous, but it attempts to increase awareness in the community and aids in removing the stigma that people have about the medical industry, doctors, and especially male doctors. The film contains quality material and conveys a social message.

Ayushman Khurana is a unique jewel who has worked really hard, particularly during a period when people’s faith in Bollywood films is waning. Watching Shefali Shah is always a pleasure. Therefore, this film has everything that is necessary for a Bollywood film: outstanding performers, some humor, an original story with a social message, and a unique, creative plot.

Shefali Shah is also a highly talented actor, and the film’s director has handled a very delicate subject matter with grace. As an audience, we can always identify to Ayushman Khurana since his film choices are usually distinct, and we can relate to the roles he portrays because he has a highly recognizable appearance. Dr. G is one of the best films for removing the stigma associated with the medical industry, since it depicts the true struggle of male gynecologist physicians. People always prefer female to male gynecologists.

Doctor G Movie Full HD Download Available Online on Tamilrockers

Here you can download the Doctor G movie trailer and watch it online on filmywap. The film reveals that Indian audiences are more inclined to watch films with social messages as opposed to reality-based films. Several Vallabh films, including Vikram Veda, Goodbye, double XL, and code name tiranga, are also susceptible to this. The teaser reveals that the film was done on a modest budget, which is Ayushman Khurana’s strong suit. One estimate state that the film’s budget was 35 million dollars. In the current climate, this is a respectable sum, as major films have been done on budgets of 50 and 60 crores. This type of financing reduces a film’s box office risk.

Doctor G Movie Release Date and Time

The Doctor G film filmyHit will be released worldwide on October 14, at 9:00 a.m. IST. If you don’t have a subscription or can’t afford theatre tickets, you can stream or download the movie online and view it on your mobile device or computer. Ayushman is currently reprising his role as Doctor Uday, the sole male gynecologist in his department, after having previously portrayed a variety of roles in film.

This has been depicted by jungle images, who have also uploaded movies demonstrating how Aayushman prepared for his role as Doctor Uday in a voyage. Aayushman intended to become a doctor in his actual life, and he stated, “This is a fact that no one is aware of. In 11th and 12th grade, I took physics and chemistry for bio. I prepared for the PMT examination, the CBSE PMT Karnataka CET examination. Not in real life, but I get to be a doctor in a movie.”

Doctor G Movie Watch Online DailyMotion

The two minutes and fifty-six second teaser begins with Ayushman Khurana in the role of Doctor Uday Gupta, who, in order to examine his female patient in a clinic, asks her to remove her clothes, putting him in danger. While studying on the medical campus, he aspires to become an orthopaedic surgeon despite not feeling comfortable and frequently being uncomfortable when treating female patients. In the midst of all this, Rakul Preet Singh appears as Ayushman’s classmate and lover, making fun of him for being the sole male student in the gynaecology department.

Ayushman’s mother has been portrayed by Shiva Chadda as a Tinder user in search of love. Anubhuti Kashyap revealed in December 2020 that the film would be released and that Ayushman Khurana would play the leading role. Additionally, this is her directorial debut. Netflix is the most popular OTD platform, where theater-released films are made available for streaming within one or two months. Accordingly, the film will stream on Netflix in December 2023, as announced.

Doctor G Movie Download mlwbd 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD quality

Download Movie Doctor G Uday Gupta has been the only male student studying gynaecology in the gynaecology department. His ambitions, reluctance, myths, comedy, and co-studying on a medical institution are all emblematic of a path of maximum bliss. Ayushman Khurana’s performance as Doctor Uday Gupta was phenomenal. Together with Shefali Shah and Rakul Preet Singh, he has brought to his unique character so much that these characters in scenarios could not have brought by themselves.

The preconceptions that are a part of their personal and professional lives are reflected in the sperm that would appeal to the young of India. In a fresh narrative, Ayushman Khurana and Rakul Preet Singh are put opposite one another for the first time. Their on-screen relationship has been effectively conveyed in the songs, now Doctor G introduces us to the new on-screen partners.


We all Favour films based on the cast, particularly the female cast in any Bollywood film. However, in the case of Ayushman, he is the sole actor the audience chooses to watch, regardless of the actress cast alongside him. It is a very spirited film that actually raises social awareness. Ayushman Khurana is constantly drawn to films that promote social consciousness, rather than focusing on the bottom line.

This film has only content! No remake, no melodrama! If you want to increase your knowledge of the medical sector and reduce your preconceived views and prejudices, you must see this film because it has the best screenplay selection, will not disappoint you, and will enjoy you. It has multitalented performers like Ayushman Khurana who can act, sing, host, and perform. It is a unique film with a unique theme that tackles social issues.


The author neither endorses nor encourages individuals or audiences who watch movies on Torrent websites or other illegal websites. It is usually advisable to subscribe to OTT platforms or visit a movie theatre to see films. It is prohibited to view movies on Torrent or other unauthorized websites.

Doctor G Movie Download Ofilmywap FAQ

When will the movie Doctor G be released?

Doctor G was released to theatres on October 14,

Who is the director of Doctor G?

Doctor G is a film directed by Anubhuti Kashyap. It is her first as a director.

When will the Doctor G movie be available on the OTT platform?

The film Doctor G is anticipated to be released in December.

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