Karanvir Bohra gets evicted from the show; Munawar, Shivam, Poonam bid him an emotional goodbye

Lock Upp hosted by Kangana Ranuat witnessed one of the most shocking evictions so far. The show bid adieu to Karanvir Bohra in a surprise eviction.

In the previous episode, Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar were introduced as wildcard entries. They entered the jhol room where they were asked which team they wanted to join.

A Special powers given to Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar for nominate a person for direct eviction.

Both Vinit and Zeeshan had written Karanvir Bohra's name on the card, hence he was directly evicted from the jail.

The entire blue team was shocked and in tears when they learnt about the news.

While Karanvir Bohra got eliminated from Lock Upp, Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar entered as wildcard entries.

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