Oops, Olivia Rodrigo Broke a Grammy

The 19-year-old won Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance.


Olivia Rodrigo accidentally broke one of her three Grammy Awards.


Olivia Rodrigo drops and breaks one of her Grammys shortly after winning

Olivia Rodrigo tried to balance her three Grammys backstage at Sunday night’s awards show.

only to drop and break one just like her idol Taylor Swift did 12 years prior.

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After the trophy fell to the floor and snapped in two, the 19-year-old stood there, her two other Gramophones in hand, with a shocked look on her face.


A photographer tried to reassure Rodrigo by saying, “That’s all right” before jokingly adding, “We’ll just put it on your bill” in a video tweeted by Variety.


Thankfully, an assistant came to rescue and temporarily put the trophy back together so the “Good 4 U” singer could finish taking photos with her award.

Sunday’s awards show marked the actress’ first appearance at the Grammys.

In addition to taking home three trophies, she performed the song that started it all, “Drivers License.”


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