Timberwolves-Warriors Game Preview: Absence of Steph Curry Alters Dynamics for Golden State

The Wolves present challenges for the Warriors, particularly when their defense performs as strongly as it has this season. By Chris Hine, Star Tribune November 14, 2023 — 5:56 pm Jeff Chiu, Associated Press Golden State’s Andrew Wiggins and Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards engaged in a battle during Sunday night’s match.

For the fans: This marks the second “in-season tournament” game for the Wolves this season. They stand at 1-0 following their victory over San Antonio on Friday. Here’s an overview of how the tournament operates. Chris Hine’s preview:

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Opening bell: Anthony Edwards, averaging 31.3 points in four Wolves wins over the past week, earned the Western Conference Player of the Week. The Wolves, on a six-game winning streak, surpass their longest streak from last season. In Sunday’s faceoff, their defense limited Golden State to a 39% shooting accuracy.

Latest update: Despite Stephen Curry’s 38-point performance in Sunday’s 116-110 loss to the Wolves, he will sit out tonight due to right knee soreness.

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Injuries: Jordan McLaughlin continues to be sidelined for the Wolves with a right MCL sprain. Curry was added to the injury list on Tuesday morning.

Forecast: The Warriors are expected to make adjustments in the second game to pose a tougher challenge for the Wolves on the road. Golden State must compensate for Curry’s absence, and the Wolves’ lineup poses significant challenges for the Warriors, especially with the Wolves’ strong defensive performance this season. With Curry sidelined, the Wolves are the clear favorites.

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