Unearth the Unseen: Netflix’s ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ Hides a Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Secret You Never Noticed!

Netflix stands as a versatile streaming giant, catering to every genre imaginable. Amidst its diverse science fiction selection, the 2019 film ‘In the Shadow of the Moon,’ directed by Jim Mickle, might have slipped under the radar. With a stellar cast, gripping sequences, and a well-crafted plot, this movie merits a prime spot on your watchlist for your next sci-fi binge session.

Breaking the mold of conventional crime thrillers, the film introduces a sci-fi twist that grants the antagonist a set of inexplicable powers.

Featuring Michael C. Hall (known for ‘Dexter’), Cleopatra Coleman (‘Cobweb’), and Boyd Holdbrook (‘Narcos,’ ‘The Sandman’), ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ unfolds in 1988, following Holbrook’s character, Locke, a determined police officer aspiring to rise to the rank of detective.

Locke sets out on a mission to prove his mettle to his superiors by hunting down a recurring serial killer who emerges every nine years to quench his thirst for murder. However, the film takes an unexpected turn, injecting a science fiction element that gifts the killer with extraordinary abilities.

Alongside the stellar main cast, the movie boasts talents like Rachel Keller (‘Legion’), Bokeem Woodbine (‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’), Rudi Dharmalingam (‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’), Tony Nappo (‘Four Brothers’), Philippa Domville, Sarah Dugdale, and Quincy Kirkwood.

Despite its debut at the 2019 Fantastic Fest, sharing the stage with acclaimed films like Taika Waititi’s ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ Vincenzo Natali’s adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s ‘In the Tall Grass,’ and the Elijah Wood-led dark comedy-thriller ‘Come to Daddy,’ the film didn’t generate the expected buzz. Garnering a modest 57 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics pointed out narrative inconsistencies, yet the overall storyline remains compelling enough to captivate viewers.

Though ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ marked a lower-rated entry in Jim Mickle’s filmography according to Rotten Tomatoes, both the director and Netflix pressed forward undeterred. Their collaboration continued just two years later with ‘Sweet Tooth.’

This enthralling departure from the conventional crime genre held great promise in 2019. However, it faced stiff competition from the sci-fi horror film ‘Bird Box,’ featuring Sandra Bullock, which skyrocketed in viewership and maintains its popularity to this day.

Regrettably, the sci-fi offering led by Michael C. Hall and Boyd Holdbrook didn’t garner comparable viewership numbers when compared to other Netflix hits such as ‘Murder Mystery,’ ‘Triple Frontier,’ and ‘Always Be My Maybe.’

Yet, the setback didn’t hinder Jim Mickle or Netflix. In a remarkable turnaround, they collaborated once again for ‘Sweet Tooth.’ Currently in its third and final season, the adaptation of DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint has enjoyed considerable success, reaffirming Mickle’s directorial prowess. Overcoming initial obstacles, he achieved an impressive 97 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mickle’s next venture with Netflix involves the film adaptation of Donny Cates’s comic, ‘God Country.’ Co-authored by Cates and Mickle, the movie will follow the protagonist, Emmet Quinlan, as he navigates a world tainted by dementia and magical swords.

While awaiting further updates on ‘God Country,’ ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ awaits on Netflix, sharing the platform with other sci-fi favorites including ‘They Cloned Tyrone,’ ‘Annihilation,’ ‘The Adam Project,’ ‘Vivarium,’ and ‘Bird Box,’ along with its recent spin-off, ‘Bird Box: Barcelona.’

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